Social Media Manager

Hey there, I'm all about making social media fun and engaging. Crafting content that not only grabs attention but keeps people coming back for more? That's my specialty! Need someone who can bring fresh ideas to the table and turn them into great content? That's where I come in. Take my time at Tongal, for example. Tongal is a company made up of creative minds coming together to make movie magic happen. By infusing creativity, humor and relatability, I changed their social media game and created a strong bond with their audience. This resulted in not just increased engagement, but also a deeper sense of connection and loyalty among their followers. Whether it's Tongal or your brand, I'm here to bring that same energy and expertise to the table, turning your social media presence into something truly unforgettable.

Botanical Gardens Video

"Dreams" in the Dunes

"We Are Infinite" Narration Video

A Day in Morro Branco

Concert Vlog in Rio de Janeiro

T-Mobile Black History Month Project

Chucky Season 2 Recap for SYFY

Chucky 3x01 Recap for SYFY

Chucky 3x01 Alternate Recap for SYFY

HSM Meme Video

Encanto Meme Video

Another HSM Meme Video

Content Creation

Social media ads, memes, video essays, motion graphics and more.

Blitz Program (8-bit Version)

WeightWatchers "What To Eat" Feature

WeightWatchers App Feature

Tongal Socials

A small collection of Social Media content created for @tongalteam


A collection of TikToks created to teach viewers about Science. Posted on the Brazilian government's Federal Council of Chemistry's page with over 24k followers and millions of views.



Graphic Design is my passion

A few examples of posts below